Saturday, April 16, 2011 4:10 PM

American Idol season 10 is definitely a much better season than last year. Apart from Lambert and allison, the rest seems boboboring. This season there's Scotty Mccreery the sexy charmer.

I can't explain how much i'm charmed by him. Never have i seen such a cutey! Who can look so sexy while singing?! Only Max Changmin and Scotty can pull it of. I love this two boys!

Lauren Alaina is awesome too! I do agree, she's way better than Miley Cyrus. Though i want Scotty all by myself. Lauren and him look incredibly nice together. And i love lauren! She better stay the same and she will definitely be loved and stay on top or even higher! Lauren and her mum look like a total duplicate of each other.

2:05 AM

Aloha honey punchcake! I'm back here and not for good. This feels so weird for me to be blogging. My last post was hmmmm... 3 years ago? hahahaha. Thats long! Anyways, i'm gonna have a fresh start in blogging. I shall try to blog every day. I SHALL TRY! but to think again, my blog is only read by me and and the mighty me. So no pressure yeah.

After 3 long years of not updating and even forgetting that this even exist, i finally read up all the post. One thing i know for sure. MY LIFE IS BOBOBOBORING! Yeah, sad but true.

Just for the record, i cried again. I am not suppose to cry but i can't take it. Nothing importang but it does break my heart! And lastly, YAY! Now that i have a blog. I can upload all my pictures here. And in ten years time when i look back all my pictures. I will definitely say, what a beauty i am in my prime time. HAHAHAHA!

Okay, i'm done. And i'm sleeping real soon. Love you ols!

Monday, December 15, 2008 12:47 AM

Time check ; 12:52 am .
Im still wide awake . Just finish watching Radit dan Jani at youtube . Go watch it for ppl who can understand malay/idonesia . Its a pity if you don't watch it . Its definitely one of the movie that will be in your touch-the-heart list . I watched it for 4 times and this will be show on 15 december at RCTI . Definitely going to make myself free to watch and cry again . So , thats all . Don't want to make myself sound sissy .

Yun favourite ELANG . Shasha favourite CAKKA .

Friday, December 5, 2008 10:01 PM

The allowance wa suppose to be $25 but its not . Its only $15 . Cheapsket !! My hardwork was all gone to waste .

So , tmr going Kampung and meet anor plus beraya there . Thats all . Bye !

Sorry for the super super short post . My keypad is damn troublesome plus not nice to use . so Bye .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 11:39 PM

Went to make i/c alone bitch . Pathetic but true . okay thats all .

Monday, December 1, 2008 9:25 PM

i/c is bitch . haha . I rather not have i/c and be 10 years old always with that orange ez-link card . FAKE !

Alot of thing happened but im lazy to type it all out . So , tmr going to go again and make my i/c alone .

Sunday, November 30, 2008 9:32 PM

Back from MIA and won't be MIA again for this short period of time -.- Just hope that my life will be filled with more exciting events so that i have the drive to update this pathetic blog .

Nothing much today except watching drama episode by episode . Today , my family will be back from kelong and my moeney left with 8 bucks . Kering duit sia . I need $$$ for the bbq outing if confirm .

Anw , there won't be any tagboard in my blog cause i'm lazy to reply tag . Ada tagboard pun org tak tag . My blogskin is changed too since my previous blogskin is commonly used by humans . This blogskins is vintage right ? I'm so into vintage now . And you readers are wasting your time reading this pointless post . But still don't stop reading my upcoming post .

Monday, November 3, 2008 11:49 PM

Why can't people just stop it and lead their own lives

without disturbing others . If you really can't want to

confront , do it openly please . You have two big biggies

( balls ) and yet , you're discriminating others in yr bog

without telling who you are implying it on . Do you

have a life ? I know by me doing this , is like as if im

backfiring what i said . This is a sort of general and not

my experience .

Don't be too full of yourselves !

Monday, October 27, 2008 2:47 PM

Im back to blogging people . I have done some touch up at my song segment and if you wan to listen to the song , just click play . It can't auto play due to some error .

I met my 4 childhood friend ; kak wiwid , fairuz , adam and faisal . They are all gown up now . We did not meet each other for about 8 years . The rest still recognise me but i don't recognise them . And im the youngest among all of them . How cool can it be ? Adam is so hot . Panas membakar siot . I wanted to take a picture with him but shy la . He has already have a girlfriend , i think . I can't really remember our childhood days . I only know that i like to play his car game . His mother asked me if i had a boyfriend or not repeatedly . Mcm nak matchmake kan je . haha . Faisal pun boley tahan . NS now .

Done about that . Accompanied seri to buy her mp3 at parkway parade . Bought food at pasar malam and saw hot guy . Alermakkk ! Yun wanted to buy food but shy to order . So i ordered for her behalf but he did not listen . And ask me to talk to his father . Maluuuuuuuuu ! While he is cooking burger , i asked for char kway sotong . Dia buat tak tau jer . Aku mcm bebual ngan tembok siol . Dabis masak , dia kasi . Aku da kasi duit bukannyer nak amek tapi buat bodoh . Memalukan and gerammm siot . Abeh da kasi makanan , dia belom kasi char kway sotong . Aku mintak where is it uh . Dia ckp maseh masak . Bukannyer nak blang but buat bodoh . Betol nyer buat bodoh la sia tu jantan ! Bler da nak jalan , dia sempat wink pat seri . Confirm da wink pat banyak perempuan . lol


2:14 PM


Im the first to wish and im happy .
Good luck in all you do if you read this .
Live in bliss bby .